Another stage in our journey through the pandemic. This time I present my new project CoCo Journey, commissioned by the INFLUX FESTIVAL for the 2021 edition. See a trailer on Youtube INFLUX is an interdisciplinary festival of new scenic trends in which video and the digital world are used as a fundamental tool for artistic expression. INFLUX wants to promote the work of visual artists, musicians, poets, dancers, performers and scenic creators who, starting from different contemporary languages, use the interdisciplinarity of video and the possibilities of digital environments and interactive systems to develop their stage projects.CoCo Journey is a show that consists of a musical performance with a single interpreter and the projection of a video. The interaction between music and video is constant, the music accompanies the video and vice versa. To my work of musical composition and interpretation on piano and percussion I will add, for the first time, the making of the video.CoCo Journey invites you to reflect on the strangeness of travel during that pandemic. Friday, November 26, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.Venue: Antic Teatre. Verdaguer i Callís street, 1208003 Barcelona - Catalonia - SpainTickets: 12€ buy online - 15€ box office tickets for 3 shows 30€ online -