CD ”Elements of development”

It is such a delight to be able to enjoy a musician who looks at the essences so outrageously, that he doesn't mind appearing cold, rough or abrasive. Also, it is a delight, because behind the highest level of preparation which conceal pieces like Side Effects, Macaccos Macaccos or Both Elements of Development Number Three and Four there lies a searching anxiety and a capacity for improvisation which does not tolerate in itself any kind of compromise.
With the pieces having been explained by the composer -and the explanation is a necessity: it illuminates as well as justifies the enigma surrounding each of the themes- these become more transparent and accessible, it is really all about a transitory fiction.
Balanyà is a working composer who combines a mathematical feeling and a sense of drama, and there ”Musics”, in plural, can only be experienced at the time of listening. It is possible that he does not reach the public at large, but with a group of followers, and above all the vigorous will shown, the pianist states quite clearly that he has no intention to stray from his path. It is possible that one does not realise that "Elements of Development' is an important record. Well, I will state it: it is truly an important record, one of the few important records that has been edited in this country during the past year.
Paco Marín
Voice, November - December 1996 (Spain)

The sonorous images created magically by Josep-Maria Balanyà, resident of Barcelona, with an immense variety of interpretation, preparation and modulation techniques, remind one of the sound pandemonium of New Music. And yet there is an energy in the cosmos of this pianist, which, although not definable as Jazz. Seems similar to, and indeed partially springs from the energy potential of improvisation.In other words: intriguing excursions of a highly talented frontier composer, spontaneous and yet conscious of form, sensitively amplified in its dimensions by Walter Quintus at the soundboard.
Bert Noglik
HifiVision, January 1996 (Germany)

Balanyá's CD, released in Germany, is even more important than his previous L'Espina.
A solo recording, it is a work of contemporary piano-playing in which each theme transports us to higher plains.
Jesús Moreno
Cuadernos de Jazz, March - April 1996 (Spain)

The music of the pianist and composer Josep-Maria Balanyà makes a major impact. His compositions can be compared to a sonorous kaleidoscope in which improvisation prevails as a vital factor via a fertile imagination.
It is visceral music, with an unmistakable personal hallmark that does not allow any classification approaching a determined musical genre. This is his main quality.
Joan Guinjoan
Mr. Guinjoan, born 1931 in Riudoms (Tarragona, Catalonia), is one of the most outstanding contemporary Spanish composers.