aqua aeterna

Josep-Maria Balanyà / Walter Quintus

piano / live electronics and pre-recorded voices

Duration: 60:29 minutes
CD Crazylane private edition
Recorded at CMP Studio, Zerkall, Germany
Sound engineer: Walter Quintus

1 Exposici├│ 5:54
2 Alba 9:11
3 Inici 3:29
4 Aqua aeterna 7:10
5 Koru Koru 9:15
6 Petit commit├ę 5:20
7 Klonda 2:03
8 Contemplaci├│ 5:38
9 Ablucions 5:34

Josep-Maria Balany├á has been met in different occasions, people from different countries. He was very interested into the sounds, the timbres of the languages of these people and asked them to speak something about their original regions, or a tale or a story.The recording of these original voices was made, some of them in their original places, some other in places where the speakers where leaving or just travelling. These speakers are artists, musicians, others are workers on the country side, and others are emigrants that conserve their traditions and the accent of their regions.The voices you can hear in this CD where recorded by JMB during different periods between 1997 and 2000. This material was selected and mastered in studio. Later on, Balany├á has made some piano recording sessions. During the recording, the previous voices material was inserted live by the sound engineer Walter Quintus in different moments, according notations between Balany├á and Quintus. So did, the voices were married with the piano part, and the result is what you hear now on this CD. All the recording sessions were live, without overdubs. The source of all the sounds coming in this record is only a grand piano and the voices. The special effects are created by Quintus, using digital soundboard in real time.Josep-Maria Balany├á   and Walter Quintus collaborate together since 1994. They have been experimenting different possibilities of relation between acoustic instruments (piano, typewriter, percussion objects, voice...) and electronics. They made several recordings, among them the CD ”Elements of Development”, ”Sonateskas” and others.