Interactive Orchestra

This is an interactive seminary of contemporary musical creation and conducted improvisation, with final concert. It is focused on participants who already play an instrument. Duration 15 hours.

Essence of the project

Josep-Maria Balanyà is a pianist, composer, improviser and conductor. The Interactive Orchestra, an ongoing project developed by him, consists in leading a group of musicians into the world of individual and collective creation in real time and conducted improvisation.

The workshop consist in a theoretical part, a practical part with rehearsals and a live concert. Participants, who can be music students or professional musicians, learn to react to a series of unorthodox conducting gestures. By means of these gestures, Balanyà indicates the sounds to be produced and organizes them in real time.

During the rehearsals, the conductor establishes a musical dialogue with the players: on the one hand he transmits his own musical ideas and on the other hand he allows the players to freely express their creativity. For this reason the project is called “Interactive Orchestra”.

During the final concert, the participants will present, in front of a live audience, the result of their work, thus becoming actors and subjects of the musical experience. The improvisation-composition which will be performed will be shaped according to the real-time interaction between conductor and orchestra: a unique, lively creation.

* Balanyà uses his own experience and his SoundPainting (Walter Thompson) skills for conducting the orchestra.