The music of Josep-Maria Balanyà is recorded in 19 CDs, published under the Labels Laika Records, Música Secreta, Turicaphon, Taller de músics, RTS, AC, Hazard Records and in private editions Crazylane.

Solo Piano:
“Elements of Development”
“Ultramarinos 451”
“Un peu à gauche, svp”

Solo performance: 
“Sommier primo”
“Kratz & klang”

“Aqua aeterna”
“Aguas internacionales”
“In tromissió”
“Estrats i platges”
“De dins enfora”
“In the air, in the ear”
“Grünes Gesicht”

Other instrumentations:

“Pianos & fortes”, one solo piano work 
“Festival Lima”, 2 solo piano works 
“Tierra firme”, collaboration in one pice 
“Generazioni”, one duo piece