Comunicación invisible

Multimedia project for an ensemble, created in Bern, Switzerland. Commissioned by the Festival Science et Cité 2005. Duration 60’ approximately.

Some of the musicians have electrodes connected in their head, the thorax or the halls. The output waves are projected on screens. Two doctors in Psychiatry manipulate de emission of the waves with clinic equipment. Two video-artists project processed and mix them with the electroencephalograms. In addition, a video camera projects in real time different situations of the concert.
Hans Koch (b-cl), Lorenz Jaggi (sax), Beat Unternährer (tb), Franz Hautzinger (tp), Till Wyler (cello), Cristin Wildbolz (b), Hans Burgener (viol), Carlo Lang (p), Franziska Baumann (voc), Markus Lauterburg (dr), Ruedy Schwyn und Annatina Graf (video), Susanne Daeppen (càmera), Josep-Maria Balanyà (conducting), Thomas Müller, Andrea Federspiel i Andreas Altorfer (doctors of the Bern Psychiatric Hospital)