Since 1994 and besides his trade mark as a pianist, Josep-Maria Balanyà is engaged in the search of sonorities made by fine-art or daily-life objects. He uses them to create atmospheres and resonances opening new doors towards music. As a result of this search, Balanyà has written a series of works, which could be labelled as Experimental Acoustic Art. These works are in the edge between music, pure sound, noise, performance.

The instruments used to perform works as “Intrus@”, “Cinco exteriores ke cuelgan”, “Kratzklang etude”, “Metallika vespertina”, “Interior n├║mero uno”, “Sommier primo” and “Leinklang wandito” are old piano structures, engraving copper plates, old piano harps, spring mattresses, mechanic typewriters, pencils and canvas, pieces of iron, the human body, etc.