Ultramarinos 451

Venezuela. “Ultramarinos 451” is the confrontation between natural and artificial, between savage and intellectual. U451 represents the resulting distortion when human beings are up against Nature's laws. Neointestinal dilemma and catharsis.


Work for one pianist and two concert pianos (one tuned / one accurately prepared). Two interactive movements offer the audience the possibility of participation. The plastic-visual and surprise components also play an important role.


“Ultramarinos 451” Opus 50 consists of eight movements: I interactive grazioso – II right piano allegro – III left piano rituale – IV right piano dolce crescendo – V on strings – VI interactive animato – VII free left & right – VIII catharsi con dolore. Duration: 50 minutes.


Respectfully dedicated to John Cage. Released on CD by Nova Era NCM5 (Barcelona).


Music, direction, stage design, performance:

Josep-Maria BalanyĂ