Acoustic Strings
Balanyà / Kuntzmann

Improvising Chamber Music

Ingrid Kuntzmann, cello
Josep-Maria Balanyà, piano

Acoustic Strings takes the listener into a world where sound becomes a language.

Balanyà and Kuntzmann experiment with the laws governing the spectrum of sound. They create a disquieting atmosphere where the boundary between conventional and experimental sound is unclear.

Played in both orthodox and unusual ways, the piano and the cello interact with each other to create a unique musical composition, which develops in accordance with the time and atmosphere in which it is created.

The technical virtuosity of the players and their unexpected and theatrical dialogue create a fresh and original experience, which is difficult to classify and has all the thrill of the new.

A piece created in real time in 5 movements, without breaks.

Duration: 55 minutes approx.