Festival ppIANISSIMO
Sofia, Bulgaria
13th April 2008
Josep-Maria Balanyà
“Un peu ├á gauche, svp”, solo piano performance

"Josep-Maria Balanyà is probably the most curious and creative musician I've ever met. He always tries to learn new things; he is permanently looking for the unknown, the fresh, the surprising. On the other hand his remarkable invention and mastery of both piano and percussion allow him to express all the complexity of the human being, our (at least) two faces - the child and the adult, which is the main subject of his music.
But what is the most precious among Balanyà's qualities is his freedom, because he knows very well that in order to play like an innocent child being a serious and responsible person in the same time, he must be free. And he really is. That's what I could say about very few musicians of our time."

(Milen Panayotov, composer and music journalist, BNR's Christo Botev Arts & Culture Channel, Sofia, Bulgaria).