Festival ppIANISSIMO
Sofia, Bulgaria
13th April 2008
Josep-Maria Balany├á “Un peu ├á gauche, svp”, solo piano performance

"Josep-Maria Balanyà's "un peu à gauche, svp" is a music play of its own. In general, musical theatre is not a new phenomenon, but what we face in Balanyà's show is not a sort of snobbism or just a will of showing something unusual. It's about a special talent that needs a special kind of expression. It's about thoughts that can only be expressed that way. Balanyà reminds me the genius director of Armenian origin Sergey Parajanov, although the temperament and artistic aim of both artists are totally different. At some point he realized that just still picture or colour is not enough for him and set it in motion through the film dynamics. The piano technique and even music itself is not enough for Balanyà and he weaves them into his incredible plasticity."

(Natalia Ilieva, musicologist and music journalist, BNR's Christo Botev Arts & Culture Channel, Sofia, Bulgaria).