Media quotes

"An unquestionable sense of rhythm and an overwhelming strength."
El Pa├şs, (Spain)

JMB forms part of the reduced list of national musicians with international prestige.
Joan Mir├│ Foundation (Spain)

"Balanyà's duet: without doubt the most original group. Difficult and demanding music which adapts itself perfectly to the definition of art. A fascinating duet".
Berner Zeitung (Switzerland)

"An encore particularly for the compositions of Balanyà, interpreted by himself with precision and energy".
lnformatore (Switzerland)

"The 'feeling' that the public were waiting for came through the pianist who, from the first moment, gave cohesion to the quartet and the compositions"
Der Bund (Switzerland)

"Overwhelming density of new elements"
La Naci├│n, (Costa Rica)

"A restless innovator, JMB rounds off a profound musical work
La Vanguardia, (Spain)

"The compositions are truly original. Balanyà writes and plays his material with distinction".
The Horn Call (USA)

"Balanyà explores the interior of the piano and reaches the unheard of. The result is an intoxicating mind-boggling beverage".
Excelsior (Mexico D.F.)

"Impetuous and Mediterranean piano, perfectly balanced with an academic seal".
Giornale del Popolo (Switzerland)

"Balanyà's musical ideas are clear and convincing".
El Pa├şs (Spain)

”Bold, intrepid, wild, frenetic and visionary, he is an originator of feelings who doesn’t make any concessions to easy vagueness.
El 9 Nou (Barcelona)